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About Us

Saudia Security is a member of Nas AlKhaleej Group (NASCO), which was founded in 1993 as one of the best security services in Saudi Arabia for clients and for a wide range of sectors for a long period of time. It is one of the leading security institutions in Saudi Arabia in the field of services and customer satisfaction. In line with our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service, we now offer a wide range of security services, making us the best source for all your business security needs.



Field experience in protecting individuals and property under difficult circumstances is the core strength of our team and exceptional capabilities.  Our leadership has long experience in security protection and training as well as our experiences, as well as technology-based security systems and a constant focus on your needs, making our organization uniquely qualified to protect your way of life.



our goal is not only to reach your goals and protect you, but also exceed your expectations, we are a facility run by its owner and general manager who has the highest ethical code of conduct since he personally oversees the implementation of all security plans, as well as assigning a specialized employee to each client and staying in touch with your organization to ensure that changing needs are met in a timely manner.



The ideal security solution is known for the quality of risk assessments, corporate security consultancy and effective performance management.  Saudia Security Guards are creating the perfect solution by conducting site inspection, risk assessment, providing security consultations and management to ensure maximum security and that our security guards and staff are ready and appropriate for every task.  Our highly qualified, educated and well-trained staff have great performance and experience, achieving customer satisfaction every time, as well as experienced supervisors who supervise every security man.



Finding the most cost-effective solution to short- and long-term safety issues, by examining your requirements to ensure that you achieve personal or corporate goals without sacrificing quality is a priority for us, which is why we customize each plan to ensure that your security system meets your goals.  As part of our commitment to provide you and all our customers with real-time and appropriate solutions to security problems.


Local experience

We have a deep understanding and knowledge of the security challenges faced by individuals and companies on a daily basis. In addition to our dedication, expertise and experience, this knowledge enables us to provide enhanced security services for both companies and individuals.  We serve customers through our branches in most parts of Saudi Arabia and strive to satisfy them with all our potential.