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We Provide the Following Services

1- Securing operations of industrial safety and security.

2- Securing prevention and evacuation plans.

3- Identifying actions to maintain the integrity of the environment.

4- Operating and maintaining electronic security systems.

5- Preparing industrial safety guide for the facility.

6- Holding training courses and workshops to raise awareness of industrial security for employees of industrial establishments.

7- (K-9) Insurance of inspection by live means.


Risk Management Services

We work closely with clients to build, improve, and support comprehensive and high risk management and risk management programs, enhancing business objectives and mission by providing ongoing solutions consulting services to ensure that your security solution is always at the right level.


Quality Control

An integral part of its mission statement by continuously providing highly experienced people and superior service to our clients.


Implementation Plan

  • Maintaining the security of the operation of the establishment through the identification and assessment of security risks.
  • Developing measures and procedures to resolve security issues by integrating existing security programs and developing new ones if necessary.
  • Following-up on responses and procedures for incident reporting.
  • Providing comprehensive and security solutions.
  • Applying the procedures to high quality standards based on the experienced.
  • Implementing of security plans with professional performance to maintain the quality of services provided
  • Working through centralized operations and field supervision 24 hours/day 
  • Implementing the agreed security plan prepared at the contractor.
  • Providing a quick alternative in case of shortages and absence.
  • Providing the project with a supervisor and supervisor for each shift to assure quality.
  • Reporting the security situation periodically to the client.
  • Prefect ability to manage exit and entry gates through an information system (SharePoint)
  • Provide a well-trained professional team of security personnel for selecting decent security guards and supervisors

Integrated Electronic Security Systems

We provide equipment and electronic appliances at the highest levels of quality and reliability. This trend is supported by a specialist design and technical training. 


Security Solutions and Risk Assessment

  • Risk Analysis Security
  • Planning for emergency response
  • Preventing theft operations
  • Assessing risk-taking measures and means to preserve lives and property.


Remote Monitoring and Early Warning Service

We offer this service in the Kingdom by linking the customer site with our operations room and full monitoring the external perimeter.



An operation room working 24 hours, and its tasks, include Receiving communications, facilitating the flow of work and supervising the distribution of the guards at the various sites.


Supporting Services

Providing a number of support services according to the requirements of each site to entrench the security concept and flowing performance. These services are as follows:


Training and Qualifying

We believe in the need of training and rehabilitation in order to develop the skills necessary for the guards.